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Don’t Advertise – PACVERTISE…

At Pacvertisements we believe that professional, full color, retail quality packaging should be the starting point for your marketing communications. Think of packaging as a form of advertising, the perfect way to tell your story and showcase your brand. And, unlike other forms of advertising, packaging is guaranteed to be seen and delivers multiple impressions. So, make sure your marketing is dressed properly before you send it out to work.

“Packaging is our most visible and valuable asset” Marcos de Quinto, Coca-Cola chief marketing officer

Tells Your Story

A picture is worth a thousand words – tell the story of your new product or promotion in a visually compelling way with great color packaging.

Lookin’ Good!

A professional presentation positions your brand as a market leader, inspires confidence and builds identity.

It’s a Mini-billboard

Think of packaging as a form of three-dimensional advertising. And you can also add a call to action, qr/redemption code, coupon, etc.

Custom Kits – Your Brand in Their Hand…

Custom promotional kits are our specialty at Pacvertise.
We offer creative gift/premium choices, unique packaging options, plus assembly and fulfillment. A custom kit is the perfect way to pacvertise a new product or service, particularly for high value sales or business-to-business marketing. Our kits get your message directly into the hands of your target audience. Contact us for:

Promotional Marketing Kits

Announce your new product, project or service with a marketing kit that educates and engages. Our kits generate more leads and appointments and drive more sales.

Custom Corporate Kits

Welcome new employees, new members, conference attendees etc. with a custom welcome kit that builds
loyalty and brand affiliation.

Thank You Kits

Your clients and employees will love the thoughtfulness
you show with a thank you kit and you will love your improved acquisition and retention rates.

Creative Gifts, Promos & More!

From logo apparel to drinkware, product replicas to the unique and unusual, we‘ll create a custom kit that tells
your brand story in a compelling way.

Direct Mail –
Response Guaranteed…

The right premium and packaging can dramatically increase your direct mail response rates. Whether you are looking to increase sales, drive traffic, acquire new members or donors, our unique direct mail options deliver.

Advertise in Disguise

Full color packaging is a mobile advertisement that
tells your story, stands out and makes an impact.

Fun & Interactive

From personalizing each mailer with variable data to
sound and vision options, they will feel the package
was designed just for them.

Premium Premiums

The right premium not only grabs your audience’s
attention, it can be a key character in telling your
brand story long after delivery.

Tradeshows, Events AND Promotions
Create Some Buzz…

Whether you are targeting attendees at a tradeshow, sports fans, shoppers or even your own employees, we can get your message out with memorable giveaways. Where there’s a crowd, we’ll make you stand out from it.

A Call to ACTION!

Our pacvertisements have a large imprint area to tell your brand story. Add a url, coupon or other marketing message to drive traffic to your booth, website, store, dealership etc.

Crowd Control

Use our premiums for your event marketing incentives and you will have them lining up to hear what you have to say. No one needs another flyer.

Is That What You’re Wearing?

We use retail quality packaging to deliver your premiums
and promos, it gives you more ‘pacvertising’ space and just makes you look good.

“Surprise Is Still the Most Powerful Marketing Tool

– Harvard Business Review


In a world awash in information and advertising, you need marketing communications that is engaging and entertaining. By using unusual packaging or using packaging in unique and unexpected ways, you can capture your audience’s attention and be memorable.
Whether it’s using a cereal box to promote a morning tv show or a milk carton to deliver a t-shirt or a replica fridge to pacvertise a new product line, we can create marketing that surprises!

The Unexpected

By using familiar retail packaging in unfamiliar ways, you will catch your audience off-guard and jolt them awake. You also show that you are an innovative, original brand.

The Fun

Brighten up your recipient’s busy day with some fun and creativity, you’ll be memorable and they’ll be forever grateful.

The Pun-ny

Our packaging and premiums are a haven for word-play and bad puns. So join the Tea-m, be a smartie and get on a roll, you’d be nuts not to!

What’s In It for Me?

Marketing communications they will want to receive… Whether you are looking for a custom promotional kit for an executive audience or a give-away for a stadium of sports fans, we can create the right promos, gifts and incentives for your next product pacvertise, marketing campaign or sponsorship activation.


From candy to coffee, pasta to popcorn.


Merchandise that embodies your brand.


If you can dream it, we can make it.


Music & movie downloads & more.


Interactive and

Case Study

American Express® chooses Custom Jelly Bean Box to launch membership reward programs to cardholders

The goal of this promotion was to increase awareness about various membership award programs among American Express® cardholders. Matching jellybean flavors with corresponding programs provided card holders with a unique and exciting marketing device. This allowed them to learn about each program in an easy to understand, great tasting way. The initial order was so well received that this order has been repeated several times.

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