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Super Bowl – Los Angeles 2022 Hotel Gifts & Amenities For Your Guests…

Super Bowl LVI will be the 56th Super Bowl and the 52nd modern-era National Football League (NFL) championship. The game is sche...Read more


Unboxing and influencer marketing are a great opportunity to promote your brand, tell your story, engage followers and benefit from the halo effect of being associated ...Read more

Stop The Re-Gifting! Seinfeld’s Top 5 Employee Gift Tips… Airing of Grievances:

Here at Pacvertise we've got a lot of problems with you people in HR who choose the employee holiday gift....Read more

Stop The Re-Gifting! Seinfeld’s Top 5 Client Gift Tips…

Airing of Grievances:

Here at Pacvertise we've got a lot of problems with you people in marketing who choose the ho...Read more

Direct Mail Personalization
Top 6 Ways Universities Can Boost Direct Mail Response From Students, Alumni & Donors… 1. PERSONALIZE. They say our favorite word is our own name (chocolate is probably a close second).  New technologies allow for personalization of names on ...Read more
Custom Direct Mail
Surprise! Innovation…we are constantly being told to innovate (or die!) in business. But the word can be quite intimidating, implying something dry and serious and scientific. So, how ...Read more
Creative Promotional Products
Wow! 8 Amazing Marketing Promotions That Really Worked!     One of the best, but most poorly used methods of advertising is promotional merchandise.  If you call it ‘swag’ or ‘tchockes’ or are one of tho...Read more
Direct Mail Case Study
9 Times Marketing Campaigns Used Popcorn and Won Big! Ah popcorn, even pictures of this irresistible snack evoke tantalizing smells and tastes. No wonder marketers have incorporated it into their marketing campaigns. After all...Read more
Coca Cola – Gas Station Launch Case Study Coca-Cola® took advantage of printing a Music Download code on the side of specific soft drink cups in a campaign featured at thousands of Exxon Mobile® On The Run stores nat...Read more
UBS Credit Card Launch An Interactive Launcher was used by UBS's account managers to recruit clients on its credit card program in a non-direct and more effective way: Presented as a game during m...Read more
Pharma Turns to Pretzels for Launch… A pharmaceutical company was introducing a new medication that needed to be taken with a salty food.  They were looking to create awareness of this in a fun and creative way ...Read more
Verizon Lip Balm Promotion Verizon Wireless may be the country's leading cell phone provider with an exceptionally strong brand identity, but this doesn't mean that all divisions of their business are th...Read more