Fun & Games Pacvertisers

Fun & Games Pacvertisers

Add some fun and playfulness to your marketing with our interactive puzzles, cut-outs, play putty and more.

Full color customization tells your story, interactivity makes it memorable.


A unique advertisement, we can create puzzles in custom shapes and sizes and packaging options (boxes, tins, tubes). A great way to promote a new product, service or event.

Case Study — CAB Pizza Puzzle

Marketing Objective: Direct mail to targeted businesses to develop name and service awareness.

CAB Mailed out a 32 piece pizza puzzle in pizza boxes to targeted businesses. The theme “Receivables can be puzzling–CAB has been delivering great results for over 50 years.”

The telemarketing program that followed the staggered mailing of these pizza boxes found customers remembered the mailing and know the services CAB required.

The number of appointments secured was over 3 times higher than when done without a pre-mailing.

Play Putty:

Break through the promotional clutter with our stress relieving, conversation starting, hand exercising, mind expanding Play Putty in adult-sized handfuls! With over 30 stock colors and three sizes, we have a color for any logo and a size to fit any budget! Play Putty molds itself to your promotional needs.

Customize Your Putty: Match Your PMS Color, Metallic Colors, Heat-Activated Putty, Glow in the Dark Putty, Magnetic Putty.

Putty comes in tins with a fully customizable top and side label.

Sample slogans that work well with custom tins of play putty:

  • Stretch Your Imagination
  • Bounce Back with…
  • Shaping the Future
  • Focus on Flexibility
  • Expand Your Horizons
  • Think Outside the Box
  • Stretch Your Dollar
  • We’re Flexible!
  • Stretch the Limits

Case Study — Job Fair Putty

Project Goal: Create buzz at job fairs to attract more candidates to fair booth.

Must Haves: Wanted an item that stood out from the rest. Looking for an item that could be reused over multiple job fairs to build buzz among attendees.

Why Play Putty Worked: We played with this product the first time we saw it and loved it! “Job fair attendees will see this giveaway and come running to the booth. They come for the putty, but then they start talking about the company. The product stays on their desks instead of throwing it away after the show.”

Case Study — Tradeshow Putty

Project Goal: Draw tradeshow attendees into the booth and persuade them to stay for a short presentation.

Marketing Method: Send postcards to pre-registered attendees promising a tin of Thinking Putty after their visit to the booth.

Why Thinking Putty Worked: Thinking Putty generated a 300% higher response rate than previous gifts of t-shirts, high-end pens, and other desk toys used in previous years. Tradeshow buzz was generated and attendees without postcards swarmed the booth to learn more and receive their Thinking Putty gift.

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