B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing

Business to business marketing is hard!

Hard to get to decision makers (if you can even figure out who the decision maker is) and hard to get their attention. They don’t pick up the phone, don’t have time to read long white-papers and the sales cycle is long and slow moving.

With high value sales your target market is small, but your marketing budget per contact is higher than in b2c, allowing you to create impactful promotional collateral and make a real impression.

Use Three-Dimensional Marketing

At Pacvertise our high quality packaging and engaging premiums tell your story, get you in the door, get appointments and get sales.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is significantly more effective than email and the right mail piece gets opened and acted on. Contact us for a promotional mailer that moves your sales cycle along. We can personalize it with the recipient’s name, a personal url, add sound and even video to the package.


Let us help you with your two tradeshow challenges; 1) getting your prospects to your booth and 2) making sure they want to do business with you after the event is over.

For high value sales it is essential that your brand projects an image of stability and reliability. A professional presentation of your branded merchandise and marketing materials inspires confidence.

For further information on your business-to-business marketing campaign, please Contact Us.

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