Novelty Pacvertisers

Novelty Pacvertisers

“Surprise Is Still the Most Powerful Marketing Tool”

– Harvard Business Review

In a world awash in information and advertising, you need marketing communications that is engaging and entertaining. By using unusual packaging or using packaging in unique and unexpected ways, you can capture your audience’s attention and be memorable.

Whether it’s using a cereal box to promote a morning TV show or a milk carton to deliver a t-shirt or a replica fridge to launch a new product line, we can create marketing that surprises and delights!

The Unexpected

By using familiar retail packaging in unfamiliar ways, you will catch your audience off-guard and jolt them awake. You also show that you are an innovative, original brand.

The Fun

Brighten up your recipient’s busy day with some fun and creativity, you’ll be memorable and they’ll be forever grateful. See some examples in the gallery below.

Novelty Pacvertisers BEST-SELLER! – Compressed T-shirts

Add a little creativity to the classic t-shirt giveaway and have us compress your t-shirt into a unique shape, then package it with full color graphics that highlight your message or brand and make for a buzzworthy promotion.

From presentations that look like guitars, ships, a super-market steak to a box of cards or hamburger, the only limit is your imagination!

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