Digital Pacvertisers

Digital Pacvertisers

Digital Pacvertisers are the easiest way to deliver real-world products in a digital form. The simplicity of reward code-based promotions can solve many logistical issues. To redeem their reward, recipients will follow the instructions located on their reward card, product or online.

  1. Recipients find the Reward Code located on the back of a card, package or online.
  2. They visit the website provided, enter their reward code, and choose their gift.
  3. They enjoy their gift courtesy of your brand, company, or organization.

Digital rewards include popular gifts that have real value and are products that consumers desire.

By providing incentives that people love and regularly use – such as music, movies, magazines and eBooks – a brand can offer recipients popular rewards with instant gratification and unlimited selection.

An incentive that has the ability to reach multiple demographics, digital rewards have universal appeal and allow customers to select their personal reward.

With choice and unlimited inventory, Digital Rewards make it possible to give the right reward to the right customer at the right time. Run large scale promotions and reach multiple demographics at the same time with one reward.

Case Study — Ford Flex Launch

Ford® was in need of a unique yet easy way to generate excitement for their brand new model, the Ford Flex®. To increase awareness about their new launch, the car company attended sales events and tradeshows, and needed something to handout to attendees. They decided to hand out music download cards to all attendees who visited their booth to learn more about Ford’s brand new car.

This campaign directed recipients online to a branded Ford Flex landing page, which featured a link where recipients could learn more about the car, all while getting the chance to download any song of their choice.

Ford benefitted from providing a gift of choice, and motivated clients to learn more about their newest make in order to pick a reward that was most appealing to them.

Case Study — Wonka Kazoozle Bar

Wonka®, the quirky candy company known for their fun products, was launching their highly anticipated new candy bar, the Wonka Kazoozle®. They wanted excitement levels to match the brand’s enthusiasm, so they needed an exciting way to increase awareness of the new product throughout all grocery stores where the product would be sold. They decided to hand out pizza reward cards to all consumers who shopped in participating food stores.

Pizza reward cards were the perfect fit for a grocery store giveaway. Not only did the reward give away free pizza, but also, the branded card furthered the candy company’s quirky image.

Upon receiving the card, shoppers now had the opportunity to receive a free meal, courtesy of Wonka, from over 50,000 pizzerias nationwide. Branded reward cards are compact, lightweight, and easy to ship. This campaign was very easy to deliver to mass quantities without logistic intervention and overall, gave Wonka a more appealing impression.

Providing pizza reward cards was the perfect incentive for Wonka to introduce their new product, and further their brand’s awareness. What could be better than pizza and candy?

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