If you are looking to generate some excitement around your brand and boost your sales, we can create a promotion that drives web traffic and/or foot traffic.

Here at Pacvertise we can create can create promotions based around:

  • Games of Chance & Prizes
  • Coupons, Discounts & Special Offers
  • Instant rewards and premiums
  • Gift With Purchase

Our promotions can be delivered via:

  • Event Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • On Packaging
  • Receipts
  • Online SMS

Case Study – Fitzgerald’s Casino


Fitzgerald’s Hotel and Casino has been a Las Vegas staple for years. In recent times, Fitzgerald’s has watched other more elaborate casinos establish themselves as their main competitors on the Las Vegas strip. With the proliferation of hotels in the area, the Fitz hotel and casino wanted to utilize a promotion that made them stand out, while at the same time driving more business toward themselves and away from their rival establishments.

The hotel’s goal for this promotion was to offer an item that contained an incentive for the customer to stay in the casino. Their initial thought was to offer a standard coupon, but eventually decided to use a coupon combined with a unique promotional product.


They settled on the Pacvertise advertising mint box to help the casino. The product contains 20-25 peppermints and is fully customizable on all of its 5 sides. The artwork on the box would have the exterior of the hotel on the front of the box, while the back of the box would be the coupon. The team decided that they would print multiple versions of the box to reflect the varying amounts won by casino customers. The amount would be revealed by a scratch off placed on the backside of the box.


Fitzgerald’s distributed the mint box in a number of locations throughout the area. The boxes were put in displays for customers to freely take and also waitresses on the casino floor would give customers mint boxes after they purchased a drink. Once the patron would pick up a mint box they immediately began scratching off the coupon side of the box.

More than 50% of the boxes that were distributed during the month-long promotion were redeemed immediately. Once word hit the street about the unique promotion at The Fitz, their business increased. After the promotion, the casino floor had increased business by nearly 31% over the previous month.

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