Event Marketing

Event Marketing

Concerts, festivals, sporting events, shopping centers… Your target audience is there, but how do you get them to interact with you, to line up at your booth or stand?

You want to share your message, but they just want to have a good time.

Get your brand in their hand with a professionally packaged premium or incentive. Consider it a mini-advertisement containing a great premium they will love: now everyone is happy.

At Pacvertise we offer a wide range of low cost options that deliver multiple impressions and are perfect for event marketing.

Not only does the professional packaging speak volumes about the quality of your brand, it allows you to add a URL or other calls to action, such as visiting a location or website.

Get Lucky!

We can add a sweepstakes or coupon offer to many of our items that can be used to drive traffic online or to a physical location.

Case Study – Nissan Maxima

Nissan were looking for a marketing piece to hand out to prospective buyers of the 2016 Maxima, something different to the standard brochure but conveying the highlights and attributes of the car.

They settled on Pacvertise Chocolate Wallet as the perfect piece. The ability to display custom artwork on the external packaging and three internal bar wrappers, in addition to a custom design on the chocolate itself, meant that the potential customer had plenty to chew over (excuse the pun!) while making their decision, in addition to almost half a pound of gourmet Belgian chocolate.

Initial feedback has been so positive that the piece will be used for other model roll-outs and has been also adopted by local dealerships for brands such as BMW.

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