About Us

Who We Are

Pacvertise is a Beverly Hills, California based marketing agency servicing large corporations and organizations in the US and worldwide.

We assist organizations in communicating their message during the launch of a new product, service or promotion.   Combining the latest retail quality packaging with engaging promos and incentives, we deliver a brand message directly into the hands of the target audience.

Pacvertise was inspired by work we were doing for clients of our sister company, www.BoardroomBespoke.com, which specializes in promotional/corporate gifts. Typical promotional items have a small imprint area, which is great for branding purposes but is very limiting in explaining a new product or service.

By adding full color packaging, our clients were better able to tell the story of their product or promotion and the packaging added a wow factor for the recipients, inspiring confidence in the brand and appreciation for the presentation.

After a number of successful projects, we felt that there was an unfilled need in the corporate world for this level of packaging and promotion.

We are a team of creatives and would love to hear about your marketing challenges and share some possible solutions. In a world where we are being inundated with marketing messages, we can cut through the noise and allow your brand to sing.

Who do we work with?

We typically work with companies that are bringing something new to the market and want to showcase their product or service in a more engaging way than an ad, brochure or video.

Main Sectors:

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical: Launch of a new medical device or drug.
  • Technology: Launch of new software or equipment.
  • Financial: Launch of new financial product or software.
  • Transportation: Launch of a new car, truck, plane etc.

Typical Scenarios:

Contact us if your department or organization is seeking to influence behavior e.g. drive sign-ups, drive traffic, increase test-drives/sampling or web-site visits.

Examples could range from a HR department seeking to have employees sign up for a health initiative, a governmental organization that wishes to increase awareness of an issue, a car dealership or retail store looking for additional foot-traffic.

Part of Your Marketing Team

Although we specialize in three-dimensional marketing, we are conscious of how we fit into the overall strategy and build social media awareness into everything we do, from creating items that recipients will want to share online to including social media calls to action.

We would love to create some surprising, advertising with you, to get started please Contact Us

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