Web Pacvertisers

Web Pacvertisers

Web Pacvertisers are a unique way of bridging physical media to the digital world.

This interactive print medium engages recipients with content online, then connects them online to learn more. Just plug it into a USB port to seamlessly launch any URL. This allows marketers to create personalized online experiences whilst tracking campaign performance in real time.

WebPacvertisers can be used in various formats:

  • Postcard
  • Flyer
  • Brochure
  • Magnet
  • Business Card
  • On-Pack
  • Custom Shape

How Does It Work?

When the web-key is plugged into a USB port, it automatically launches the computer’s default browser and connects with the key’s secure managed server. The server recognizes the key’s unique ID and matches this to the appropriate destination URL, redirecting the user to the site, which will load in their browser. This whole process is virtually invisible to the user and takes place in a matter of seconds.

If things change in your marketing campaign, so can the destination of your web key. The server redirect process allows us to make a simple update to the database to redirect your web keys to a new URL, up to a limit of 450 characters

Tracking Platform

Each web key has a unique ID, and every time it passes through the server, it leaves a record of when, from where and how many times it has been used. This insight powers the tracking platform – an advanced reporting platform developed to provide a clear picture of engagement.

Response Rates

Web keys integrated in printed brochures, letters or postcards, can achieve up to 46% response rates. The average response rates from Direct Mail campaigns using our web keys is 17% – 25%. WebPacvertisers drive your customers from traditional physical media, to the digital online media in an instant. The response rates speak for themselves versus traditional Direct Mail campaigns!

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