Tasty Pacvertisers

Tasty Pacvertisers


Choose from dozens of options: mints, caramels, chocolate covered, candy canes,  hard candy, jellybeans etc.

We can match your brand colors for the complete package.


Combine creative color packaging with incredible reproduction of your artwork on the actual chocolate for a promotion with double the impact. We use only the finest ethically sourced Belgian chocolate.

Nuts & Snacks

From canned nuts to pretzels and kettle chips, we offer full  color retail style  packaging and individual portion sizes. A perfect event giveaway.


Available in custom colors (match your brand colors) and various  packaging  options; from boxes and tubes to keepsake tins.


Looking to promote your hot new product? Our spicy Pacvertisers make it easy to put  your name or brand on the tip of their tongues and in their fridge for months!

Large selection of hot sauces, salsas, spices, seasonings, and gift sets. We can create  a unique custom flavor just for you.  A great traffic builder available in sizes from individual airport friendly bottles to  gift-sets.


Use your noodle and get pasta your competitors with your own custom-shaped  pasta. Get creative with custom colors and promote your brand with fun shapes like  your logo, mascot or campaign theme. The full color packaging allows you to add a  recipe, marketing message etc.


We’ve taken the iconic cereal box from the kitchen table to the world  of promotions.  Everyone loves the novelty value and marketers love the large branding area  allowing plenty of room for creativity. Just take a cup of  new product and pour on

some imagination…

We can supply most cereal brands, from cheerios to cornflakes.

Fortune Cookies

Why customized fortune cookies deliver great promotional value:

  • We offer 12 different ways to  customize fortune cookies for your clients.
  • Fortune cookies always get opened, and  your messages will be read  –  again and  again.
  • This unique, edible delivery method  insures your promotions are memorable.
  • With 12 cookie colors, 17 color matched chocolate dipping choices  and 25 flavors  of fortune cookies, we can  match your branding  for your company or your event.
  • We can create custom packaging to further  reinforce your branding.
  • In addition, we can provide  complete fulfillment  and blind drop shipping, saving  you an extra step and saving you money.
  • Fortune cookies are an  unexpected and fun  way to communicate, and they’re  guaranteed to bring smiles and good cheer to your recipients. Giving fortune cookies  says: we’re not an ordinary company.

What we can customize for you

  • Messages inside each cookie.
  • Add a logo to your fortunes.
  • Print your fortunes in full color.
  • Print the flip side too.
  • Separate messages for contest winners and special promotions.
  • Imprinted cellophane wrappers.
  • Imprinted takeout boxes.
  • Unique packaging options.
  • Mix and match colors, flavors, dipping, chocolate drizzles and  sprinkles to get  exactly what you want.
  • Your choice of sprinkle flavors, colors and designs
    • we can match all sorts of  events
    • pink ribbons, for example.
  • Additional items can be inserted into giant fortune cookies
    • such as gift cards.
  • With enough lead time, we can even create custom colors and/or flavors of fortune  cookies. Peach vodka cookies anyone?