3-D Pacvertisers

3-D Pacvertisers

Our 3-D Pacvertisers can be put to work in a plethora of interesting ways. Think 3D for corporate presentations, press kits, event invitations, employee training programs, trade show demos and marketing campaigns.

Our standard viewers can be customized with your company name and logo, imagery and text. An excellent way to make sure your marketing message is front and center.

Each reel includes seven images with a variety of 3D options. The center section of each reel is also customizable with vibrant full-color printing.

Custom Viewers

Zenith blue? Lipstick pink? Goldenrod? If you have the Pantone number, we can manufacture a viewer in any color, reinforcing brand standards and making your project extra unique. Please note: Custom color viewers are not stocked and require 6 weeks. 1000 piece minimum.

Your 3-D Images

Choose from custom 3-D photography services provided by us or borrow a special camera.   Alternatively we can convert your 2D photos into 3D images or add text that will float in 3D.

Case Study – Pfizer

To break through the noise of information aimed at doctors, Pfizer used 3D viewers and reels to promote a new drug treatment for hypertension, Norvasc. The promotional pieces were used by 3000 sales representatives to educate doctors about how the new drug could improve patient care. The sales results were outstanding.

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