Direct Mail Pacvertisers

Direct Mail Pacvertisers

“Because of the proliferation of emails and the onslaught of display ads everywhere, there is an advantage of going through direct mail…Direct mail in a way has become less cluttered.“ – Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

The DMA also states that direct mail has a response rate of up to 10 to 30 times that of email – and even higher when compared to online display.

Direct mail is ideal for B2B marketing and also for high value sales and relationship building, nothing digital can beat the personal touch of receiving a package into your hands.

Our Direct Mail Pacvertisers are:

  • Full color advertisements
  • Interactive & engaging
  • Three dimensional and sure to be opened.

We offer unique and novel packaging options and fun, interesting premiums and gifts that promote your brand and connect with your audience.

Business Uses:

  • Launch a new product of service
  • Event invitations
  • Encourage sign-ups, donations etc.
  • Get new sales appointments
  • Client retention
  • Employee appreciation

Case Study: Monsanto

Monsanto was introducing a new product, Posilac that helps in milk production in dairy cows. This additive requires the cow to drink an adequate supply of water for best yield. A box was created to be mailed to dairy farmers and feed distributors.

This box contained graphics on the outside, underneath side of lid and on the insert tray of the box. The box contained a custom labeled water bottle, an energy bar with custom graphics, “High Production is Healthy” and an insert card with the name and phone number of the Monsanto sales person for that particular territory.

This promotion of 5,000 units was sent out in a creative, attention-getting mailer that carried the theme of the product and provided the contact person for the recipient to call.

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