Interactive Pacvertisers

Interactive Pacvertisers

Used by many of the Fortune 500, these playful alternatives to an email, memo or brochure come in many shapes and full color, with custom packaging also available. Add a calendar or usb for added functionality.

Our Interactive Pacvertisers offer plenty of design options. They can present products, act as a calendar and generate curiosity as a mailshot supplement. They can also tell stories, serve as an invitation, communicate values and express gratitude.

Places your brand front and center – quickly, effectively, and with a smile.

Perfect for:

  • Product Launch
  • Product Showcase
  • Direct Mailer
  • Calendar
  • Sales Aid
  • Recruitment
  • Event
  • Employer Branding
  • Mission Statement

The high-precision manufacture and high-quality appearance communicate the quality of your brand to users. The desire to play and explore ensures 100% attention and intensive interaction with your message.

Case Study – Product Launch

Genzyme (now Sanofi) ordered 2500 pieces for the Canadian market as a presentation tool to introduce their Multiple Sclerosis (MS) treatment along with their involvement within the MS community, engaging them to find out more on their dedicated website.

Case Study – Internal Communications

With new research suggesting that high level of employee engagement allows companies to outperform their markets organizations are more than ever looking for clever ways to engage their employees.

BP, the 6th largest oil company, ordered 3000 can shaped pieces for the launch of its new Knowledge Management tool amongst its workforce. The artwork was designed as an oil barrel on the outside, and contained a step-by-step problem solving process on the inside.

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