Word-Play Pacvertisers

Word-Play Pacvertisers

Make your marketing entertaining and engaging with memorable copy – supply your own or allow our Irish wit to conjure up some terrible tag-lines.

Our packaging and premiums are a haven for word-play and bad puns. So join the Tea-m, be a Smartie and get on a Roll, you’d be Nuts not to! See more groan-worthy examples in the gallery below…

Sample Mint Taglines:

  • Mint-To Be
  • Engage-Mint
  • Environ-Mint
  • Retire-Mint
  • Embarrass-Mint
  • Disappoint-Mint
  • Enlighten-Mint

Sample Play Putty Taglines:

  • Stretch Your Imagination
  • Bounce Back with…
  • Shaping the Future
  • Focus on Flexibility
  • Expand Your Horizons
  • Think Outside the Box
  • Stretch Your Dollar
  • We’re Flexible!
  • Stretch the Limits

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